What is the “CO”? What’s “SLO”, “SL”?

What are my duties as Site Leader?

Here is a table of the basic duties you are assigned:

Before BP Day On BP Day
For Volunteer Committee Sign up for 5 minute phone calls Check in on Sproul, get your materials
For Your Volunteers Send the introduction email detailing site information and more, update attendance regularly on website Check volunteers in on attendance roster
For Your CO Contact CO and visit the site before BP Day Take assigned transportation route, leave on time

You are who the volunteers in your group go to if they have questions or concerns and you help facilitate a smooth Berkeley Project Day for everyone involved. You communicate with your volunteers, the community organizer (CO), and with the Berkeley Project organization. If you are emailed a question you aren’t quite sure how to answer, feel free to direct the question to volunteer@berkeleyproject.org

What is the Site Leader Orientation (SLO)?

What if I can’t make the Site Leader Orientation (SLO)?

What should I do before attending SLO? Anything I should know about SLO?

What happens after SLO?

Why was someone rejected as a SL?

Someone was not selected as a SL. Can they be reconsidered? Should they email you again? / Someone missed the deadline for Site Leader applications. Can they submit a late application and be considered?

What if someone misses the deadline to register to volunteer?

How do I register my group together?

Someone isn’t in my volunteer group for BP Day, but they’re in my organization. Why aren’t they in my group and how can I get them to be in my group?

What is the site capacity of each site? My club is X amount of people and I was wondering if we’d be split up.

My volunteers said they can’t find my group/can’t sign up for my group when they try to volunteer. What should I do?

If someone does not have the AC transit card, will they be reimbursed?

Can I request to work at a specific site/ or with a specific group?

What is the 5 minute phone call? Does each SL have to do a 5-minute phone call?

Does each SL have to visit the site?

How important is it to actually visit the site?

My volunteers have a dietary restriction for BP Day. Who do I contact?

My volunteer has a change in t-shirt size/meal option (put small for shirt, but wants to be medium; put meat lunch but now wants vegetarian, etc)

My CO is not responsive. What should I do?

My given site can only accommodate X amount of volunteers but you gave me more volunteers than that amount. Why?

Briefly, what happens on Berkeley Project Day?

My volunteer(s) need to leave early for BP Day. Is that okay?

My volunteer(s) will be late for check in/ will be arriving directly to the site instead of Sproul Plaza. Is that okay?

My site ended unexpectedly earlier than I thought because we got all of our work done. What should we do?

I have to drop out of being a Site Leader. Is this okay?

I want to be more involved in the Berkeley Project. What can I do?

Can’t find your question here? Let us know at volunteer@berkeleyproject.org.

To expedite a response, please email the following if you have the following issues:

Issues Email (@berkeleyproject.org) Reason
Dietary restrictions in the lunches, lunch route timeline, anything about lunches financialaffairs They purchase our lunches and deal with all lunch logistics.
Faulty transportation routes, unresponsive CO, anything related to the CO, anything related to the worksite and what you’ll be doing at the Site siteplanning They find the sites and COs for BP Day. They have a relationship with the COs. Volunteer Committee does not do this.
After Event recruiting They are planning the entire After Event and are responsible for it.
Unable to find a group on the volunteer application, website is not working, online orientation issues web They are in charge of the website.

Please introduce yourself as a Site Leader, state the site and site # you are from, and be specific (screenshots help too [if applicable]). Thank you!